A unique journey where past and present merge in every glass.

Our Stay

The very essence of our dedication and love for what we do finds its truest expression here, as we proudly introduce a groundbreaking achievement – Las Tinajas Winery, the very first vineyard in the enchanting expanse of Baja California Sur.

Welcome to Las Tinajas Winery, an extraordinary establishment nestled in the heart of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur. Our winery is a unique haven where time-honored winemaking techniques from ancient history meet the essence of a petite yet old vintage experience. We take pride in preserving the traditions of the past, cherishing every step in the art of winemaking, just as it was done in the origins of time.

Las Tinajas Winery holds the distinction of being the pioneering vineyard in Baja California Sur, a region known for its scenic beauty and untamed spirit. Steeped in rich history, we draw inspiration from the timeless practices of winemakers who crafted wine with passion and dedication. Our approach to winemaking mirrors the legacy of the past, allowing us to create truly exceptional wines that capture the essence of bygone eras.


Where every sip tells a part of this wonderful journey.
Located in the enchanting region of Todos Santos, our winery is an oasis of authenticity and charm. The gentle ocean breeze and the fertile soil of Baja California Sur create the ideal conditions for our vines to flourish, resulting in wines that evoke the essence of this remarkable terroir.

At Las Tinajas Winery, we embrace winemaking as an art form, celebrating every element of the process with unwavering passion. From the careful cultivation of our vineyard to the delicate blending and aging of our wines, each step is a testament to our commitment to excellence.



We welcome you to our winemaking heritage, where tradition and innovation come together to create experiences that transcend time.

At Las Tinajas, we specialize in crafting wines from a diverse selection of grape varieties, including Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Garnacha, Tempranillo, Nebbiolo, and Chardonnay. Each vine is nurtured with care, allowing the true character of the terroir to shine through in every bottle.

Beyond traditional grape wines, we have embarked on an artisanal journey, producing exquisite Mango, Jamaica, Honey, Damiana, and other delightful fruit wines. Our unique creations pay homage to the rich abundance of our surroundings, blending the finest ingredients with a touch of artistry.

Our Wines